Help fund a start-up [print] newspaper!

The folks Occupying Boston are looking for funds to start The Occupy Boston Globe a real-live printed newspaper!

Here are the details:

The Occupy Boston Globe will come in two forms:

1) A daily, double sided paper, distributed mainly within and around the Occupy Boston encampment at Dewey Square

2) A weekly, full-color broadsheet in both English and Spanish, distributed across the Boston area (and nationally, to those who lend their support!)

This paper will enable us to reach more of the 99%, particularly those who don’t have daily access to an internet connection.  It will be run as a community paperwith a transparent editorial and accounting process for all those who want to make sure we remain faithful to the ideals of the Occupy movement.  Anyone will be allowed to submit news articles to our staff, and we will also allow for a small number of opinions and editorials to be published weekly.

We have a great staff of volunteers writing, editing, and designing what the first paper will look like.  Unfortunately for us, however, the cost of materials, printing, and distribution can be prohibitively expensive to a fledgling newspaper.  We are asking for your help in covering these costs, and only these costs.  Any money spent on the paper will be transparently reported on once the Kickstarter funding period has ended. 

Click on the link to send them some money — remember, we are the 99%.

MEANWHILE — back at the ranch: The folks at the real Boston Globe has told the Occupiers to stop using its name and nameplate. So much for upholding the First Amendment!


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