Foreign newspapers cover Steve Jobs’s death


Steve died off-cycle for most of the overseas newspapers, so I waited until today to grab P1s from my good friends over at the Newseum.

Not going to do a kudos and not-so-kudos on theses because well, who’s to account for non-American tastes.

However, I did see quite a few P1 designs that I really like, including the first screenshot of the Diario de Pernambuco. They let their designer go wild — using just the Apple logo with the simple line drawing of Steve’s iconic glasses. Simple. Very simple, yet anyone who’se seen Steve Jobs will recogzine them. Very good work!

Several papers went with the reading-the-story-on-an-iPad/iPhone theme, which is pretty cool but some executed better than others.

I’ve included the Bild’s front page, which is NSFW. Shame on them for running THE WORST photo of Steve that they could dig up. It’s not like we didn’t know that he was sick and dying. So much for giving the man a bit of dignity.


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