Steve Jobs and the Front Pages


What I love about newspapers is that you can always tell what the most important story is by just glancing at the front page. Well, at least what the editors think is the most important story — at the time of their deadline. When big news happens the paper hits you over the head with it.

Yesterday’s death of Steve Jobs was surely an important milestone moving beyond celebrity news. His death was confirmed early enough for a lot of papers to do justice to the importance of his life. My good friends at the Newseum posted front pages from around the USA and the rest of the world.

Above are some of my favorites. Kudos go to:

• The Daily News for overall good design and getting “Tech Titan” in the hed.

• The San Francisco Chronicle for digging up some of their old art to dominate their front page. One photo, lots of type. Classy and elegant, just like Apple. Big ups for the hed — “The man who saw the future,” sounds like a Sci-Fi movie. I can hardly wait.

• The Examiner breaks a cardinal rule of journalism to bring us “Thought differently.” It works. It works well. Big ups for the OLD Apple logo. Too bad, though, about the ad at the bottom of the page.

• The Star Advertiser — one of my faves. Great photo illustration  with the hed displayed on the iPhone — I wonder if they tried it with an iPad? Big ups for getting the bow-tie-wearing Steve on P1.

• Quite a few papers ran this wire art, but Red Eye had the guts to DOMINATE THE WHOLE FREAKIN’ PAGE with it.

NOTE on the first two screenshots: The first is, of course, is Apple’s home page as of today (10/6/2011). The second is from BoingBoing — which changed their site to reflect Apple’s pre-OSX look. If I recall, this would have been around OS 1-2-3-4-ish.

Negative kudos to:

• The Naples Daily News. What’s up with that page? Too lazy to tear up the page and start over? Early deadlines? At least the P1 blurb is above the child abuse porn case story.

• The Ledger Independent. “Apple loses it core” Seriously?! Come on.Really? !!??  File this one under what were they thinking. I shudder to think what they would have written on JFK’s shooting; “US loses it’s head”? Copy eds: Sometimes you’ve just got to keep the puns to yourself.



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