To think of all of the “art” that I’ve created!


My good friends at the Max Wigram Gallery in London tipped me off to one of there current exhibitions by Marnie Hugonnier — tear sheets of The NYT, with the real art replaced with “art.”

For the nit pickers out there, my first reference to art in the first sentence is in newspaper lingo — anything that isn’t text/type is “art,” so photos, illustrations, logos, etc. are all called art.

The second reference to “art” means, of course, Art —  and all art is subjective, right?

No comment on what I think of Hugonnier’s works, but let’s just say that in my career I’ve created enough similar-type art to fill a couple of dozen galleries. The only thing different, in that in the newsroom, these pages with black holes for pictures are called dummies.

Check out her stuff here.


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