Old vs. new: Lady Gaga, Lindsay Lohan mentioned in this post!

Call me a grumpy old codger, but I liked the old way better. For one thing, I used to have at least a rudimentary idea of how a newspaper got produced: On deadline, drunks with cigars wrote stories that were edited by constipated but knowledgeable people, then printed on paper by enormous machines operated by people with stupid hats and dirty faces.

Washington Post columnist grouses about the “new” newsroom. Read it. It’s funny. The best part is when he complains about heds on the web and how they’re written for SEO.

Best part of the piece is when he says that the printed hed on the column is “A digital salute to online journalism,” but the online hed will probably say “Gene Weingarten Column Mentions Lady Gaga.”

And of course, it does. But I’ve one upped the Wash Post hed by including LiLo.

Bring it on SEO!


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