Everyone on TV reads the same paper – over and over and …


This Picasa user has a very keen eye and a great memory. Seems like there is a dummy newspaper floating around Hollywood standing in as the local rag for a variety of shows for many, many years.

Look at this album and you’ll see the same paper in TV shows from Malcolm in the Middle and Desperate Housewives to Scrubs and Angel.

You’d think that with all of the desktop software out there that producers could whip up their own copyright free broadsheet. I know that the art director of the Cooking with Rachel Ray show create custom labels for everything in the TV studio kitchen. Hey, if Rachel can do it for FoodTV, why not Hollywood.

I’d bet there are a lot of unemployed page designers that could fill the bill perfectly and chunk out these in a minute. Hello Hollywood! You listening?

Kudos to Ed O’Neil for reading the paper in 1997 in Married With Children and the SAME EXACT PAPER in 2010 in Modern Family.


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