Old timey skilz: The Subway Fold

Those of you who have never ridden the subway in New York City probably have never heard of The Subway Fold.

Don’t feel bad. It’s so obscure that there’s no Wikipedia entry! Gasp! Horrors!

I hadn’t heard of the term either, but my good friend Mr. O introduced me to it back in the late ‘90s. What the fold is, simply, a little newsprint Origami to resize your newspaper so you can read it on the subway and not spill off into your seat mates’s space.

In these examples, we see the proper way to read a paper (using The Subway Fold) and the incorrect way (like you’re sitting on the throne in your home).

I’ll leave it up to my legions of readers to decide which way is best, or at the least, the more polite way.

The New York Times thoughtfully provided instructions, but it’s no longer in their free area, so you can find it here

Is this a handy skill, or a parlor trick of the last century?



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