Zippy the Pinhead and 21 others get the Denver boot


First off, let’s get this out of the way. I hate the Zippy the Pinhead comic strip.

Actually, hate is not strong enough of a word. Maybe it’s because Zippy is a clown without makeup. Maybe it’s just that he’s a clown (bad enough). Maybe it’s because I just don’t the humor. But, I’m sorry to hear about the Denver Post axing Zippy and 21 other strips to cut space, save on newsprint and for ads.

I love reading the daily strips — one of the first things that I always turn to.. gets me off to a good start before plunging into the hard news of the day. And don’t get me started going on the Sunday funnies!

To bad Mayor La Guardia isn’t around to read the axed funnies to us.

Anyway, it’s a shame to see papers cutting down on one if not THE most popular part of the daily rag. I’m sure that there Denverites out there that will cancel their subscriptions because their fav strip is gone — or drive them more to the web to find it.

What a shame. Charge ’em more give ’em less. That seems to be a trend and one that speeds the downhill decline.

Kudos for Westword (an alt weekly) for reporting on this. Westword loves to take jabs at the Post, and this time it’s deserved.

… and I’m high-fiving myself for using Denver Boot in a totally non-illegally-parked-car reference.


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