Wrong. Wrong. WRONG!


So what is wrong with the picture? The new iPad looks cool, right.
Take a look at The New York Times. Look familiar? Yes. Looks like
their current web page, right? Exactly!

Where is the whiz-bang? Where is the WOW factor? There is none and
that is so wrong.

When will newspapers learn that just because their content is on a new
platform, it’s essentially the SAME old (and I do mean OLD) same old.

Newspapers have always tried to visually attract readers — first it
was illustrations, then photography, followed by 4-color photos and
the latest infographics (which was a good 30 years back!)

At the very least a redesign that is not text-centric is what is
called for. What’s really needed is a new direction in news

Hey, people. Where are all those alternative story form ideas and why
are we not seeing them??

Maybe our mistake is to continue using the word “readers.” As much as
we like to go to the high-brow road, perhaps if we used the word
“viewers,” we’d be going down a better path.


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