It’s big. It’s new. It’s bendy. It’s doomed.


Hearst is hoping that it’s new Skiff Reader will be a Kindle killer. Well, it may wound the Kindle because of its size 1600×1200 touchscreen, but I’m calling this one doomed (for the newspaper industry) because I think that people are just not going to be happy with a one (or two) task device.

Unless it’s free.

In what world is it acceptable to have a device to make phone calls on, another to surf the web, and yet another just to read your newspaper(s) and magazines.

People do not want another black and white static electronic reader. What they want is something like a reader — lightweight portable device with a large screen that can surf the web and act like a computer. AND can it not cost an arm and a leg? Hello computer manufactures, have you not heard about the Gillette sales model?

I’m waiting for Apple’s iTablet (or whatever they’re going to call it) to see how close Steve and Co. come to a real version of a real portable electronic newspaper.


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