Can a little of that Apple mojo please rub off on newspapers?


The buzz just keeps on coming about the rumored tablet device from Apple. Today, Gizmodo is reporting that the NYTimes was approached by Apple. Wouldn’t that be great!

Would the new hardware drive readers back to newspapers? I’m thinking that something slim, sexy, easy to use with fantastic capabilities would be great for the newspaper industry as a whole.


Except newspapers can not see tablets as “just another platform.” Newspapers on a tablet (Apple or not) will need to be a cross between old-school print design and and a web page.

And by a “web page,” I really mean, not a web page thats a). designed more with the advertiser in mind than the reader, and b). lots of text shoveled in from the print edition.

Please, please please let’s not miss the boat on this one. We do not want to be another music industry — where the medium has surpassed the message.


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