This ain’t your daddy’s newspaper website!


From the Las Vegas Sun comes which launched last month is thinking wayyyy out of the ol’ newspaper box and wayyyyy into the TV box.

The brainchild of Rob Curley, he explains the concept on

Our idea was that we can create this show that’s fun and cool and kind of edgy and has this weird take on Las Vegas and right in the middle of it, we would put a very quick, somewhat-irreverent-but-accurate news segment that would tell you very quickly what’s going on related to your life in Las Vegas, whether it’s local government or anything. But do it in some sort of interesting, colorful way, and then we get right back into the other stuff.

No Lou Grants (memba him?) here. Only beautiful people types that I think that we’ll end up seeing on Entertainment Tonight.

In a Tuesday segment, entertainment reporter Emily Gimmel dons a bikini to report on a pool party! That’s Emily there on the right — the one holding the microphone. Although there is some of the typical “check it more of the story on our (tied-to-print” website, I suspect that more folks (men) tune in for Emily’s reporting.


Will this type of concept play outside of Vegas? I can’t imagine bikini’d reporters in the heartland, but at least it gets away from newspaper website video offerings trying to replicate the talking head/reporter behind the desk “Evening News” concept.

Stick around to the end of Tuesday’s (069/30/09) show where they’ve got a “hot new act” singing the weather report — it’s fun and hip (is it still cool to say hip,hey, what about cool?


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