They hate us. They really hate us!


Vanity Fair “media guy” looks at why the public hates the media. On the scale of 9 to 90 (with 9 being the best score) he rates the media at 50.

They hate us because (sample):

1. We’re too liberal
That the media—excuse me, the liberal, elite, America-hating media—is reprehensible has become an argument as integral to Republican dogma as “tax cuts solve everything.” Indeed, in a 2007 Zogby poll 97 percent of Republicans said the media has a liberal bias.

Validity: 7. It’s true that the overwhelming majority of people who work in media vote Democratic. But most of the people reporting the news (as opposed to editorializing) make an honest attempt to hold both parties to account and not to allow their personal views to impact their work. Liberal bias is a legitimate complaint, but it’s vastly overblown, especially given the proliferation and power of unabashedly right-wing media outlets. Plus, reporters may sometimes overcompensate for their liberal leanings by giving excessive credence to certain right-wing arguments (see global warming, Iraq war).



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