Stuff Journalists like — dot com


Patterned after the popular and hilarious site, Stuff White People Like, Stuff Journalists Like is a hi-larious site.

Written by a couple of twenty-somethings, they’ve hit the nail on the head. For example, take these entries:

#32 press passes — Because anyone can be a journalist, it’s important for those in the business of collecting news to have a method of separating the self-employed bloggers amateurs from the pros, who work for major publicly held conglomerates.
#38 NPR — 32 percent of all story ideas generated in newsroom budget meetings come from National Public Radio.
#61 cursing– journalists have very, very big potty mouths.
#84 writing standing up — The only thing better then writing while standing is writing while walking. It takes years of practice to perfect this technique.
#112 press areas — Press areas clearly show who is important at these kind of events – the press.


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